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Good Habits for your child-Start Early

சஞ்சனாவிற்காக (அமித்துவின் பெரியப்பா மகள்) நல்ல பழக்கங்கள் சார்ட்டினை நெட்டில் தேடும் போது, கண்ணில் பட்டது. உங்களின் பார்வைக்காக இங்கே.

Dr. Radha Rajagopalan
HOD-Pediatrics, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

1. Well, we all want to see our children growing up with good habits. That’s why it is very important to start early. The younger the child, the more unquestioning their minds will be and thus easier to inculcate good habits in them. Some of the really important habits that should be taught early are:

2. Brush before bedtime- We all teach our kids to brush their teeth before eating or drinking anything in the morning. In fact it becomes a part of our lives. But how many of us insist that our children brush before going to bed? This is a very essential habit that is extremely difficult to teach later on. In fact it is very difficult to learn later on too. If you don’t brush before going to bed, this is a good time to start and pass it on to your child as well. Its important.

3. Oil Bath-In olden days, it was said that boys should have an oil bath on Wednesdays and Saturdays while girls should have it on Tuesdays and Fridays. Well, the days could have been kept that way for convenience but the point, yes, our grandmothers were right. Oil bath twice a week is good for children and the young age is great time to start.

4. Wash hands before eating- As kids, they tend to indulge into food as soon as they see it. Thus if this habit is not insisted every single time, they soon tend to forget it. Hands are the major carriers of germs and eating with dirty hands can easily put your child through illness. The simple answer is to make them wash hands before putting anything in their mouths. So even if it is for a snack, take your kid to wash hands before eating. And soon it will become a habit for them. Of course when they are old enough to understand, you should stress the importance of hygiene and infection.

5. Cut nails once a week- Even today many of us do not cut our nails. We simply bite them off. And I don’t think we wash our nails before biting them so the risk of infection is high. And please do not underestimate this risk. So as kids cut their nails once a week so that there is no opportunity for them to bite them. And when they are older, you can teach them to cut their nails. But maintain the trimming to once a week as that how long it takes for the nail to grow big enough to bite it!

6. Exercises- Teach the kids the importance of exercise at an early age. Take them for a walk and teach them simple exercises. If you have a pet dog, you can train the kids to take them for a walk. Of course if you need to exercise yourself, take this hint. You should start too and that way you can have a healthy life to devote to your kids.

7. Sleep- Well, this is a very important thing to teach your kids. Make sure they are in bed by 830 or 9 PM and wake them up by 6 in the morning. Those of you who believe your kids do not sleep early, wake them up at 6 AM whatever time they sleep. You will notice that in a few days, they will get to bed early too as they will be tired out. Its your duty to teach them the ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ principle.

8. Variety in food- Just because your kid likes one type of vegetable, do not cook the same for him everyday. Introduce a variety of foods for your child and get them acquainted to different food types. This way you child will be able to adapt to different foods.

Its very important to teach them to respect elders. Especially in nuclear families where the scope to interact with elders is very low, it is important to emphasize the aspect of respect.

So these are some of the important habits to inculcate into your child that will make them less prone to infection, give them healthier teeth, keep them healthy and save you a whole lot of trouble and money. More importantly, they will make your kids better people when they grow up. Good luck!

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